Friday, March 30, 2012

Game of Thrones - Who will take the Ascendancy? Vampayre? Vampire?

I began to think that it was time to leave New York and to go back to the monks who had trained me so many years ago, eons it seemed.  They taught me to live on the spiritual energy of breath, or prana.  Since I’d lost my beloved wife, Fiora, and I was no longer human, music became my only passion, my life.  So I hadn’t anticipated the way that Jasmine’s scent, how she smiled, sang, and looked had tempted and awakened me, though I should have.  I should have remembered that temptation fed on the complacent soul.  I had become so confident that I’d conquered my true nature that I had almost forgotten that I was a Vampayre. Almost. 
           Vampayres fed on human breath and sucked their victims’ oxygen until they lay drained and dead.  I vowed to destroy my life as an eminent composer before I could get close enough to harm Jasmine or expose her to my particular passion for human breath.  I paused to consider my nature.  After all as a Vampayre, I had exceptional gifts.  We were essentially spiritual creatures, half angel and half man, but like all souls, we Vampayres struggled with free will, but we also possessed extraordinary abilities to charm humans, which challenged their free will.  We had unnatural physical beauty and epic sexual magnetism.  Vampayres were often seduced by music and usually had other worldly musical talents amongst others.  I’ve explained my ability to hear and interpret humans’ sound vibrations.  My abilities extended to animals and other creatures, like Phisto.
           Let me finish, for our gifts are many.  Vampayres also have full, sensual lips and excel at kissing.  Kissing was the more compassionate way that we could kill our victims.  Expertly and gently at first, we would caress their lips with ours and penetrate their mouths until we suffocated them by sucking all of their breath.  Their deaths were essentially pleasant though, for we filled their heads with beautiful music that had accompanied them through their lives.  We lured and consoled them with their individual sound vibration that lulled them into blissful, hypnotic states.  They went peacefully, blissfully even towards death’s caress.
           Beware though, we were also vicious when betrayed and would do anything, anything, to protect our loved ones.  And we Vampayres were also capable of killing in more painful and far less gentle ways.
            But our eyes, our eyes were extraordinary.  They reflected the level of our spiritual development and changed with our growth.  During the past five hundred years my eyes had turned a violet color that deepened or lightened with my state of spiritual attunement.  I had advanced tremendously for this color was associated with one of the highest levels of spiritual attainment.  My eye color also indicated psychic power of attunement with self as well as intuitive, visionary, futuristic, idealistic, artistic and magical gifts.