Friday, January 18, 2013

Santa - Jasmine's Golden Shaded Persian Talks About Vampayre Luca

Santa - Jasmine's Golden Shaded Persian Talks About Vampayre Luca

I heard Luca in Jasmine's thoughts before he entered her life for the second time.  Flashes of violet overtook me as I played with the potted ficus tree that turned towards the sun at the edge of our living room. Luca's energy filled me with wonder as I heard his music and remembered my days on the stage in my last incarnation.

Jasmine's sound was woven into the notes and the rests that he notated carefully.  He wrote for Jasmine, I knew.  As I knew that her music would also attract the other one - the dark one - Phisto, a Vampire.  The fourth trial was upon them and that is why I'd re-entered this sluggish earth plane so that I could assist Jasmine at this pivotal moment.  Such was her young life that she didn't trust humans and so I entered in a form that would reassure and comfort her.  I'd been a beautiful and feted woman in my day and was grateful at least that I retained my blonde hair and had luminous green eyes that saw everything - everything.

As Luca drew closer so did Phisto.  My eyes would widen as I stared into the abyss that was his soul. You understand that he didn't think that he was evil.  Evil does not think in those terms.  Phisto believed that his choice were wise and prudent.  Each choice bought him nigh his goal and that is all that he desired.  Now he desires Jasmine.  Phisto knows that she is Luca's love and understands that her talent will heighten his fame and vanquish his enemy.

And so I watch and I wait as I enter Jasmine's dreams offering messages that I hope she will interpret and not ignore.  I love Jasmine and Luca so I must remain vigilant.  I would offer my life for their safety but that will not clear the debt.  And so my journey continues, parallels hers.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's in the Vampayre's Kiss

When I was thirteen my parents plunged to their deaths while driving the Amalfi Coast.  How could I have known that the country that had taken my parents would give me my greatest love and held truths about my past lives that I wasn't then ready to confront?

I stopped speaking for six months when my grandfather, Grappa, a well known biotech entrepreneur, heard me humming one evening and then subsequent evenings.  That had become my only pattern of communication after my parents' death.  He tried to join my shadow world and held me late into the unfolding nights, humming songs that were popular during the 1940's.  I remained frozen in my midnight melodies, unable to reach out in any meaningful way.  Then he had a flash of insight and took me to a famous voice teacher.  Renee bought me back to life and realized that I had a world class talent simply through my breath work, humming and physiognomy. My greatest tragedy would bring me my greatest triumphs, a love that felt like it transpired time, and my most brilliant heartache.

"You don't want me to audition for your opera?" I asked Luca, avoiding the deeper purple tones that belied his impatience and concern.

"This role should go to someone who is already well known.  You will have time to prepare for the European premiere and you and I can work together then." He answered with a level tone.

"You mean it will keep me away from Phisto." I answered with more edge than I'd intended.

"His influence on your music has been, in my opinion, destructive." He reached for my hand but stopped and bent his head.  Violet eyes were hidden by the shadows that the candle cast across the table.

"He believes in me." I retorted.

"As do I." He managed and I knew that his temper had ignited.

"Why do you want to delay my success?  A premiere in Europe is nice, but it's not New York, now is it?"

"It is better this way.  What does he encourage but big sound and dramatic phrasing?  Tools for the career not for the artistic development.  I want you to sing for your soul, not for the paycheck."

"Then you'll be paying my bills." I said unkindly.  I watched his mouth move as he responded and remembered how it had felt just hours before.  Why did Phisto's existence create such problems for us?  It was as though Luca hated him.

"I'll support you in any way.  I hope that you know that."

"Grappa has said that he will support me for only a few more months.  I need to start my career now, not in six months.  I'll be waiting table by then."

"Let me help you." His dark beard created a sculpted shadow across his face, highlighting high cheekbones and a sensual mouth

"Allow me to help myself by giving me the New York debut."

"It's not possible.  I'm sorry," he said,  and stood abruptly, overturning his chair as he reached for me.  His lips were on mine and I felt him once again take me to a familiar land where only saftey and desire existed, danced like well loved partners, came together, released and then joined again with seamless efforts.  I felt as though we burned castles in the air and that the tidal waves responded to our rhythm.

I had to understand why he opposed my starring in the New York debut.  I didn't realize that my life depended on it

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Vampayre New Year Kiss

It was a critical juncture in Jamine's life and career.  She had been pursued by two supernatural beings, though she did not realize the true nature of their power or sexual charimsa.  Luca, the famous composer, with eyes the color of pre-dawn light, a mystical, mythical violet, that represented the highest level of spiritual attunement spoke to the inner depths of her being, like her fingerprint, he was that close.  And Phisto, the famous conductor, who seduced her with his uncanny musical coaching and interpretation.  His eyes flashing a deep cobalt that indicated his level of engagement and passion.  Phisto wanted her to join his journey and to fatten herself on fame and achievement.

 Luca wanted her to live.  His deep amethyst colored eyes explored the caverns and crevices of her soul, leaving no interior thought or desire hidden.  His touch was at first cold, then burned with the passion of one who knew her well.  His kiss took her to inner regions where she met the essence of her soul and traveled, like a native, on that welcome journey.

Jasmine didn't realize that she was not only at a pivotal juncture in her career, but at a defining moment in her soul's journey that would dictate her future incarnations and relationships.  Vampayre;s are turned at the time that they are ready to advance spiritually.  They are gifted with the ability to remain in their physical forms until they are ready to leave the earth plane and explore higher regions.  First, each, must   pass the fourth trial in their spiritual evolution before they can leave their physical form.  Jasmine, though mortal, was facing a similar trial in her mortal incarnation and her choice would dictate her future.

Jasmine understood that with change she could grow or slip into the choices and patterns that had constricted and confined her life.  Her soul wanted Luca.  Her mind, and ambition wanted Phisto.

"I embrace you in the violet dawn of a New Year," Luca said as he held her to his body and drew her breath with his kiss.

His lips were at first cool, then burned with the fire of a thousand suns as Luca's kiss deepened, as his tongue explored the center of her feminine passions.  Gradually she heard the aria that she'd sung for him at the defining audition, the audition for his new opera.  If she won the role, her future was assured.  She sang each note, felt each rest and silence as intimately as her breath.  She knew the piece for it had been written for her.  The aria's signature was her individual sound that called her froth from dust to the consciousness of a sentient being.  She lay within the expanse of his kiss like a child in the womb, so protected and sated was she.  Luca called her home.  Her breath became shallow and the petty concerns of the world receded.  His kiss was all the remained, and the moving shadows of her many lives.  She was complete in that moment.

Her Golden Shaded Persian interrupted, deep green eyes alive with wisdom.

"It is not time," Santa said, thumping her tail against the woven silk amethyst duvet cover.  The pear shaped golden candlelight flickered in the New Year's light and remained steady against the power of their passion.

"I lost control." Luca admitted and released Jasmine as his being shuddered from the desire for completion.

Luca kissed Jasmine's closed eyes and called her back to the earth plane, summoning her with his desire to share an earthly journey.

Jasmine's eyes, green, like deep mountain ponds, flickered before registering consciousness.  She knew that a decision must be made.  Her being remained suspended in the space between Luca's kiss and her life.  The New Year had dawned.