Friday, January 18, 2013

Santa - Jasmine's Golden Shaded Persian Talks About Vampayre Luca

Santa - Jasmine's Golden Shaded Persian Talks About Vampayre Luca

I heard Luca in Jasmine's thoughts before he entered her life for the second time.  Flashes of violet overtook me as I played with the potted ficus tree that turned towards the sun at the edge of our living room. Luca's energy filled me with wonder as I heard his music and remembered my days on the stage in my last incarnation.

Jasmine's sound was woven into the notes and the rests that he notated carefully.  He wrote for Jasmine, I knew.  As I knew that her music would also attract the other one - the dark one - Phisto, a Vampire.  The fourth trial was upon them and that is why I'd re-entered this sluggish earth plane so that I could assist Jasmine at this pivotal moment.  Such was her young life that she didn't trust humans and so I entered in a form that would reassure and comfort her.  I'd been a beautiful and feted woman in my day and was grateful at least that I retained my blonde hair and had luminous green eyes that saw everything - everything.

As Luca drew closer so did Phisto.  My eyes would widen as I stared into the abyss that was his soul. You understand that he didn't think that he was evil.  Evil does not think in those terms.  Phisto believed that his choice were wise and prudent.  Each choice bought him nigh his goal and that is all that he desired.  Now he desires Jasmine.  Phisto knows that she is Luca's love and understands that her talent will heighten his fame and vanquish his enemy.

And so I watch and I wait as I enter Jasmine's dreams offering messages that I hope she will interpret and not ignore.  I love Jasmine and Luca so I must remain vigilant.  I would offer my life for their safety but that will not clear the debt.  And so my journey continues, parallels hers.

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