Sunday, September 30, 2012

Vampayre Lovers

View image detailThey walk in beauty like a patch of midnight briefly illumined by the moon.  They are archangels and men.  Vampayres, like humans, have free will and, like humans, struggle with the weight of that particular responsibility.  But they are also archangels who live in the center of passion's fury and integrity's forgiving sword.  They are like an intensified soul twin who has known and experienced your essence for centuries, and who still loves you beyond human capacity.

Jasmine and Luca experience each other in a way that makes my body flush as if the secret petals of my essence have just felt the touch of the sun.   Luca has loved Jasmine through the centuries and is now faced with losing her to his intrepid enemy, Vampire, Phisto.  Their feud has survived hundreds of years as they rose in stature as eminent classical musicians.  

Luca hears each persons' music and vibrations.  He lives in a world buoyant with sound and through the elements of their music, deeply understands human thoughts and motives. Luca's gifts led him to become a preeminent composer whose name today lingers in every music lovers' conversation.  Phisto was tempted by the penetrating power of the orchestra and the desire to control it, and so he became a famous conductor.  Jasmine entered their sphere as a student at the American Opera Center, gifted beyond comprehension, with a voice that heals.

I think of the warrior's path that my love life has become.  I have struggled with shadow men and phantom lovers who could never quite summon the courage to love me the way that I need to be loved.  But when I see Jasmine and Luca together, I know that other elements and other connections exist beyond the outskirts of my limited imagination.  Luca's eyes are a true red violet.  They deepen or lighten according to his emotions.  Luca's eyes immobilize me.  I feel that he has known our Creator and danced with the divinities of the world.  What destiny has bought them together? And I wonder if my destiny has a creature such as he to move with the currents of my soul.  

I never feel as alone as when I face the raw fragility of their love.  Yet the vision also lends a comforting belief that I can continue to live in a world where this, at least, exists.  But I notice how Phisto's cobalt eyes slither over their movements and relationship.  I know that they have but little time before a price is exacted for the joy that they have known.