Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shape Shifting Panther Passion

silhouette of leopard on tree
     "He's more dangerous than you can imagine." I said as I poured some chamomile tea laced with  blue vervain and celery seed to calm Julia's anxiety.
     "I love him." She lifted her soft gray eyes and I could see that she was on the verge of another crying jag.
     "Drink this.  It will soothe you." I coaxed.  My recent explorations into romances with supernaturals had also encouraged me to begin studying natural remedies for anxiety, over-stimulation, hysteria, and reversing the effects of supernatural interference with one's thoughts and emotions.
     "Jolt is a rare kind a shape shifter. He began life as a panther who had the ability through great strength and diligence to transform into a man's form.  Panthers are not known for relationships or fidelity.  They're solitary creatures.  But he remembers a deep passion from a human incarnation and was determined to find her again.  That love is you, Julia."
     "How can he be wrong for me if he expended all of his energy and wits to find me?"
     "His nature is that of a vicious predator.  When his defences are down he reverts back to that nature.  And," I paused before I continued, "he can find mortality with his heart mate.  That is another desire that drives him."
     "Good, I want to be with him forever."
     "I have to do more  research and speak to healers.  I don't know if he can gift his lover with immortality.  You may just be a means to an end."
     Her heaving sobs began to fill my living room and I encouraged her to lean against the deep down pillows and to drink more deeply from the floral mug that I had given her.
     "You understand that I can't give him up.  I won't.  I've been single for ten years in this city.  You know what I've met and dated.  I've never felt this fulfilled or this loved."
     I scanned what I knew about Julia's divorce and dating history.  It was a sad spreadsheet filled with infidelities and shallow relationships that seemed to typify New York romances.  Would I have the courage to walk away from such a love, I wondered.  Then I thought about how love always has the power to destroy.  But my instincts screamed that he was too unruly, too feral to be trusted.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Saxophone Sex and Vampayre Voodo

jazz musician"The music that he created with his saxophone wrapped around my body like cool honeysuckle petals on a steamy night.  I imagined his fingers caressing sound from my body in the same way that he mastered his instrument." Lila said and trailed cool fingers across her face.

I took a sip of my frosty drink and dipped my index finger into it's chilled sweetness and traced it down my throat towards my dĂ©colletage.  I wanted to ask Lila to continue but I didn't want to break the sweet tension that her pause had created.

"He'd suggested that we meet at the Blue Note where he performed that night with his trio. I fell into his eyes when he lifted them to stare briefly into the light that was trained on his face.  They were the color of peridot, a startling clear lemon green, framed by long dark lashes.  Then a curtain of hair, like smoky quartz, fell over his left eye and I closed my eyes to frame the image of his face in the shadows. I thought briefly about leaving before we'd met.  I didn't think that I was ready for how he'd affected me.  And in that moment of indecision, he was standing behind me and had placed his sexy hands on my bare shoulders.  At first I felt a delicious chill because the club had become hot and I was overly excited.  Then my skin burned where he had touched me and I knew that I couldn't leave."

I tried to think of a witty or apropos comment but I could only manage to whet my lips with my tongue.  

"NighShade's voice sent a jolt through me and it took me a  moment to concentrate on what he was saying.  He only said my name but that was all I needed.  It sounded like a melody that floated on his rumbling baritone voice."

"I've been waiting for you, Lila."

"I didn't understand because I'd been unusually early and had been totally absorbed during the whole set."

"Come," he extended his hand which I grasped as I rose to stand before him.  He was tall, very tall, but I felt his soft breath on my cheek and then his lips as I opened mine to say something.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jhumpa Drums and Vampire Threats

fear of the witness

"Morgana, I just got your text message."  My fingers tapped rapidly on the keypad as though it were a jhumpa drum.  "Don't even think of doing anything until we speak. The situation is more dangerous than you can ever imagine.  Stop."

My cell phone went dead even though I had just charged it an hour earlier.  Another snow storm was rattling New York .  I could feel the supernatural activity.  I'd become more attuned to its taste and smell.   This storm was no accident, I knew.  I also knew that Morgana was in danger.  StormRider, her new paranormal lover, wasn't on the level.  There was more work to be done, but I had to secure my safety first.

  StormRider viewed me as the enemy now that I was with a   Vampayre.  Vampayres and Vampires were embittered  enemies.  And somehow, like Jasmine, my heroine in the Violet Hour, I had stumbled into their feud.

 Did the law of attraction draw this situation into my life?  Whatever, I didn't have the time to  consider the metaphysical implications.  We were in danger and I had to act quickly.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vampayre Lovers and Fat Moon Magic

Full MoonThe moon is pregnant with magic tonight, and possibilities.  I drive home in the frigid weather.  My car is reading a temperature of 11 degrees.  I have just visited my mom at the nursing home.  I am certain that the episode that she had just before the New Year was a minor stroke. Mortality weighs upon me amidst the chaos.  But I want anything but mortality tonight.  I want magic and possibilities.  I want to wrap my arms around the impossibly glowing full moon.  I want to swallow her light and to change my destiny.

I enter my apartment and look a little cock eyed at my once resplendent Christmas tree, thinking that it's now a fire hazard and I speculate about banishing the magic and the lights for another year, Christmas 2011.  My persian cats, Marcello, SanRema, Cosette, Luca Bear and Poe greet me.  After showering I check my email.  My fingers move quickly to delete the messages that I don't recognize, but I feel a sense of anticipation, then chills as I hover over the delete button on the one message that doesn't display the sender.  I am intrigued before I remember Lila and NightShade, her vampire lover.  Then, I am almost frantic.  Could this be what I've been asking for?
Full MoonThe moon is pregnant with life tonight and glows with possibilities. I drive home from the nursing home where I've gone to visit my mom.  I think that she has suffered another minor stroke.  I think about life, in midst of transition and I long for magic amidst the mortality.  I want anything but mortality tonight.

I log into my email account and feel a moment's anticipation.  I quickly scan through and delete the spam.  My finger hovers over the delete button because I don't recognize the sender, but I pause and register that there is no return url.  Chills scurry along my arms and my fingers quiver as I open the message.  It is the site that Lili had told me about, the site where she met NighShade the Vampire.  

Friday, January 21, 2011

Phisto's Vampire Rage

Rage. Rage ripped through me like a battle ready axe.  Control yourself, I thought. Concentrate and watch for their weaknesses. I willed my facial muscles to relax into an appropriate visage. Never let the enemy see your vulnerability. Their advantage could be your death, I knew. So I watched them closely. Jasmine and Luca made an immediate connection.  Of course he’d heard her sound, I thought, and wanted to tear down the stage wall with a spiked flail. I expected their attraction and that was one of the reasons why I’d monopolized her time - that and her perky breasts and ass. And then there was her talent, definitely her talent, I thought. I’d assumed that my sound had kept him away. I realized then that it had been his choice.

dooms daySo Luca had fought his instincts. I understood that because his emotions and motives were always transparent. He never understood the art of war. Still I hadn’t seen clearly enough that she had also been aware of him. It wasn’t just her human ambition that drove her to seek him out, but his music. It spoke to her. He was already in her thoughts. Her voice was lush. Some would say glorious. I laughed at that thought. Glory.
I calculated how my attentions had enhanced her abilities. That, I thought, would keep her tethered to my side, like a beautiful young battle horse. She was a sweet little morsel and it occurred to me that her talent would cause my fame to escalate. But then I also understood, after I’d seen Jasmine and Luca together, that she would also be seminal to Luca’s destruction. That was an added bonus. You could say that it was perhaps the answer to my struggle for the last five hundred years. I had my reasons for wanting to destroy Luca, for he had once destroyed me.

Will you find your magic at the Violet Hour?

teresa scroll444

I started practicing Reiki two years ago as a path to self-healing, self-acceptance.  I believe that it is God energy that is channeled through our human forms.  At times it has stopped my colds, extended the lives of my persian cats, whom the vet had told me to  "put down", significantly.

I call these and other manifestations of the extraordinary light in world - God.  You may have another name.  But it's all the same concept. the same in-dwelling magic that appears and has the ability to heal - sometimes briefly - sometime permanently.

I've felt the telltale signs of Reiki's incredible heat flood through my hands as I concentrated on opening my mind and heart to unconditional love and directed this towards myself or the person that I was treating.

The energy generally directs the healer and sometimes the more experienced healers may see colors or get a sense of some form of blockage in the client's or loved one's body or emotions.

My octogenerian mom has developed osteoarthritis.  It's been extremely painful and has twisted and swelled her delicate knees.  She loves the Reiki energy and the heat that it generates.  She always asks me to do "Rilke" on her.  Alas, her memory is capricious now and she can't remember the term Reiki, but she remembers that it has soothed her and that she likes it.        

Jasmine Dee, the female protagonist in The Violet Hour, practices Reiki. The healing      energy centers her as she fights for the right to her mortal life, and to save her Vampayre love, Luca from Vampire, Phisto's venomous retribution.  And Jasmine's cat, Santa, has a few tricks as well.  You never know where you will find magic.  But Reiki is one place where you can start.  Do you believe that there is magic in the world?  Have you considered that you too, are super - natural?

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Waiting for my lover at the Violet Hour....

Romantically I've been pulling in the crust from the deep dish apple brown betty when I want to dive into the center and sink my teeth into the crispy tart apples and flaky pie crust.

I think about the url that appeared in Lila's inbox - the matchmaking site that introduces humans to supernaturals.   I am going to call Lila to get the update on her relationship with NightShade.  But I want to meet my supernatural.  Why supernatural?  Well after what I've experienced via mortal men, I have to counter, why not?

Here are my thoughts.  Supernaturals are passionate, have abundant sexual magnetism,  superior intelligence, posses the ability to concentrate on the object of their desire until said object feels like the epicenter of their universe.  They're creative lovers, even if it does involve some biting.  Some supernaturals can read your thoughts and impress their thoughts upon you. Luca can read peoples' thoughts through their individual sound vibrations.  He is a supernatural known as the Vampayre.  Vampayres are a rare breed and live as half-human and half-angelic creations.  They are spiritually advanced and like humans can choose to use their gifts for good or evil.  So communicating with a Vampayre is pretty intense.

And, have you ever heard of a supernatural having performance anxiety or struggling with potency?  You see, supernaturals have some pretty awesome perks. And they're always devoted to their lovers.  Another plus.  And they choose you, so you don't have to worry about some tween trolling on your turf.

So if you see me ordering my iced trippio with soy foam at Starbucks, or crying at the opera, please don't ask me if I've met him?  Instead, ask me if I've met my supernatural.  If I have already met him, I'm guessing that I won't be at the opera or at Starbucks fighting about the extra charge for soy milk, but I'll be waiting for my lover at the Violet Hour.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's in his kiss

Have you ever been with a man who just really can't manage, can't wrap his mouth around,  can't really kiss?  He's trying, you know that because his eyes are closed and he groans from concentration, or embarrassment, you're not sure which.  But you're pretty sure that if he had the grace to be embarrassed, he'd have known not to kiss you in the first place.

You know that he has lips because you've heard words fall from them and you've seen food disappear beyond their somewhat pink exterior.  But instead of kissing you, they kind of keep their mouths open in a perpetual fish pose.  Their lips don't move with yours and you kind of get this wet feeling all around your mouth but nothing is happening inside.

But there's good news.  Vampayres know how to kiss.  They know how to embrace your lips with theirs.  Their mouths move with yours, sometimes control yours.  They use their tongues in ways that make you think about how they can move inside other parts of your body.  They literally...take your breath away.  You can't get enough of them though you try. You don't even mind the breathless feeling that overtakes you or the moment when you wonder if you can even breathe again.  They take your breath but give you ecstasy.

When were you last kissed like that?

"Supernatural Loyalty"

Handsome young man posing outdoorsI'm lying comfortably in my new plush mattress top bed, propped against succulent tempurpedic pillows.  A deep lavender candle flickers in the window that overlooks the East River and the GW bridge.  I am alone.  There are a few hours left before the breaking of another violet dawn.

I wonder again about why our society has turned to super heros and supernaturals with such ardor.  Okay I'm  alone so maybe I'm compensating.  I'm willing to admit it.  Are you willing to imagine that there is something else?  Perhaps someone else?  Is there a reality beyond the wall street set chugging down beers or Grey Goose after another frenzied day of trading?  Maybe something exists that is more fulfilling than the mind numbing escapades of the housewives of Orange County, New York or why not Elmhurst for that matter.   Is it possible that the best that we can dish up in terms of romance is the Bachelor - a show where 25 women scheme, cry, manipulate and generally display their "crazy" for their shot at a single man?

Authors have been writing about supernaturals who have the capacity for extraordinary loyalty.  Think of Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga.   And Stefan in the Vampire Diaries who endangered his life to meet Elena.  When was the last time that you met or heard of a mortal man who exhibited that level of commitment and intensity for a woman?

I can't even recall the number of conversations that I've had with single women friends who have wondered if their new lovers had other partners. Didn't you have the conversation I'd ask?  You know, the one where you discuss what you both want so that you won't feel devalued or insecure before you engage intimately.  They'd stare at me blankly and say no, that it was too soon.  So we can share ourselves physically in the most intimate ways but we can't ask if he'll be cavorting with someone else tomorrow if not later that evening.

GIve me a sexy supernatural who will risk his immortal life to protect our love and who knows how to kiss a woman and satisfy her, thanks to the hundreds of years that he's had to build his confidence and to know what he wants - you.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Are you ready to meet your supernatural?

We walk past the telltale signs of their existence.  Focused on our i phones, ipads, i pods -- a consumptive society ruled by "I".  Pills guide us to sleep and Starbucks awakens us.  But they, supernaturals, walk amongst us, and laugh at our folly.  We call them mother, father, friend.  But do we know them? Can we hear them?

We watch TV series about them and pay $13 for a movie ticket to spend two hours in their world.  But these trifles are only our imaginings.  Our society finds them dangerous, sexy. We've forfeited our belief in human love and have turned to what our pop culture has dubbed supernatural.  We think that our voyeurism give us privileges.  Perhaps we pride ourselves on our ability to accept the unacceptable.

Are you really ready to meet your supernatural and to give yourself over to his/her embrace?  Suppose that you imagine that it is a love or passion that will fulfill you. Maybe you've given up on the concept of a soul mate, but have you considered that we have supernatural twins?  I imagine that they are the shadow side, the darker manifestations of our yearnings.  And like our desires that we mask, they walk in beauty and enjoy an undisputed reign.  But can you control it?  Can you handle the truth?

Blizzard Hearts and Snow Heavy Dawns

Night town
I hear the
 vampayre's footfall in the somnolent night.  I understand that he moves with the precision of the snowfall's wintery silence. The vampayre's touch is at first cool then burns the skin.  But his kiss, his kiss takes your breath away.  You catch your breath but can't resist his touch.  You open your mouth to protest, but pull him closer and kiss him more deeply.

Yes, I hear the vampayre in tonight's silent white that cloaks New York's self-important frenzy.  We think that we can control the weather.  Snow plows patrol the neighborhood and believe that they can control the elements, just as we think that we can control the vampayre's kiss.  But I know that we can't.  And that knowledge has made all the difference.  

Are you ready to meet a vampayre?  Do you have the courage to experience his kiss?

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Javier Bardem, Jason Ackles, Jared Padalecki

Shirtless Jared Padalecki is The Third ManMy friend Janet and I are debating which hot male stars will be cast as Luca and Phisto when The Violet Hour is transformed into the celluloid realm.

Luca - a Vampayre is half man and half angel.  He is fiercely protective of those whom he loves.  Luca can hear peoples’ individual sound vibrations as music and read their thoughts through their music.  He is filled with compassion but holds himself aloof from the world because he exists between earthly concerns and the supernatural.  His love can kill.  Vampayres drain the oxygen from their victims either through a kiss or through their blood.  Once you kiss a vampayre you will never want to taste another’s lips or touch.

Javier Bardem is the leading contender for the role, however, Jared Padalecki’s haunting performance in this season of Supernatural, and his physical heat position him as an intriguing and sexy possibility.  Kissing either man would be a supernatural experience. What do you think?

Phisto, a vampyre is sexually potent, wickedly brilliant and irresistible to most men and women.  His cobalt blue eyes can mesmerize women and men.  I can envision Bardem’s steaming eyes in this character.  I can see sinking into Bardem’s depths and forgetting about everything else. 

Who would you choose to play a violet-eyed vampayre or the power hunger vampyre?