Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jhumpa Drums and Vampire Threats

fear of the witness

"Morgana, I just got your text message."  My fingers tapped rapidly on the keypad as though it were a jhumpa drum.  "Don't even think of doing anything until we speak. The situation is more dangerous than you can ever imagine.  Stop."

My cell phone went dead even though I had just charged it an hour earlier.  Another snow storm was rattling New York .  I could feel the supernatural activity.  I'd become more attuned to its taste and smell.   This storm was no accident, I knew.  I also knew that Morgana was in danger.  StormRider, her new paranormal lover, wasn't on the level.  There was more work to be done, but I had to secure my safety first.

  StormRider viewed me as the enemy now that I was with a   Vampayre.  Vampayres and Vampires were embittered  enemies.  And somehow, like Jasmine, my heroine in the Violet Hour, I had stumbled into their feud.

 Did the law of attraction draw this situation into my life?  Whatever, I didn't have the time to  consider the metaphysical implications.  We were in danger and I had to act quickly.

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