Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Waiting for my lover at the Violet Hour....

Romantically I've been pulling in the crust from the deep dish apple brown betty when I want to dive into the center and sink my teeth into the crispy tart apples and flaky pie crust.

I think about the url that appeared in Lila's inbox - the matchmaking site that introduces humans to supernaturals.   I am going to call Lila to get the update on her relationship with NightShade.  But I want to meet my supernatural.  Why supernatural?  Well after what I've experienced via mortal men, I have to counter, why not?

Here are my thoughts.  Supernaturals are passionate, have abundant sexual magnetism,  superior intelligence, posses the ability to concentrate on the object of their desire until said object feels like the epicenter of their universe.  They're creative lovers, even if it does involve some biting.  Some supernaturals can read your thoughts and impress their thoughts upon you. Luca can read peoples' thoughts through their individual sound vibrations.  He is a supernatural known as the Vampayre.  Vampayres are a rare breed and live as half-human and half-angelic creations.  They are spiritually advanced and like humans can choose to use their gifts for good or evil.  So communicating with a Vampayre is pretty intense.

And, have you ever heard of a supernatural having performance anxiety or struggling with potency?  You see, supernaturals have some pretty awesome perks. And they're always devoted to their lovers.  Another plus.  And they choose you, so you don't have to worry about some tween trolling on your turf.

So if you see me ordering my iced trippio with soy foam at Starbucks, or crying at the opera, please don't ask me if I've met him?  Instead, ask me if I've met my supernatural.  If I have already met him, I'm guessing that I won't be at the opera or at Starbucks fighting about the extra charge for soy milk, but I'll be waiting for my lover at the Violet Hour.


  1. Nice! Loved reading all your posts. Let's open ourselves to our supernaturals.

  2. Thanks, Rose. I know that he's out there. I'm ready to meet him.