Saturday, January 22, 2011

Vampayre Lovers and Fat Moon Magic

Full MoonThe moon is pregnant with magic tonight, and possibilities.  I drive home in the frigid weather.  My car is reading a temperature of 11 degrees.  I have just visited my mom at the nursing home.  I am certain that the episode that she had just before the New Year was a minor stroke. Mortality weighs upon me amidst the chaos.  But I want anything but mortality tonight.  I want magic and possibilities.  I want to wrap my arms around the impossibly glowing full moon.  I want to swallow her light and to change my destiny.

I enter my apartment and look a little cock eyed at my once resplendent Christmas tree, thinking that it's now a fire hazard and I speculate about banishing the magic and the lights for another year, Christmas 2011.  My persian cats, Marcello, SanRema, Cosette, Luca Bear and Poe greet me.  After showering I check my email.  My fingers move quickly to delete the messages that I don't recognize, but I feel a sense of anticipation, then chills as I hover over the delete button on the one message that doesn't display the sender.  I am intrigued before I remember Lila and NightShade, her vampire lover.  Then, I am almost frantic.  Could this be what I've been asking for?

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  1. Nice work Joy. It has heart and suspense.