Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shape Shifting Panther Passion

silhouette of leopard on tree
     "He's more dangerous than you can imagine." I said as I poured some chamomile tea laced with  blue vervain and celery seed to calm Julia's anxiety.
     "I love him." She lifted her soft gray eyes and I could see that she was on the verge of another crying jag.
     "Drink this.  It will soothe you." I coaxed.  My recent explorations into romances with supernaturals had also encouraged me to begin studying natural remedies for anxiety, over-stimulation, hysteria, and reversing the effects of supernatural interference with one's thoughts and emotions.
     "Jolt is a rare kind a shape shifter. He began life as a panther who had the ability through great strength and diligence to transform into a man's form.  Panthers are not known for relationships or fidelity.  They're solitary creatures.  But he remembers a deep passion from a human incarnation and was determined to find her again.  That love is you, Julia."
     "How can he be wrong for me if he expended all of his energy and wits to find me?"
     "His nature is that of a vicious predator.  When his defences are down he reverts back to that nature.  And," I paused before I continued, "he can find mortality with his heart mate.  That is another desire that drives him."
     "Good, I want to be with him forever."
     "I have to do more  research and speak to healers.  I don't know if he can gift his lover with immortality.  You may just be a means to an end."
     Her heaving sobs began to fill my living room and I encouraged her to lean against the deep down pillows and to drink more deeply from the floral mug that I had given her.
     "You understand that I can't give him up.  I won't.  I've been single for ten years in this city.  You know what I've met and dated.  I've never felt this fulfilled or this loved."
     I scanned what I knew about Julia's divorce and dating history.  It was a sad spreadsheet filled with infidelities and shallow relationships that seemed to typify New York romances.  Would I have the courage to walk away from such a love, I wondered.  Then I thought about how love always has the power to destroy.  But my instincts screamed that he was too unruly, too feral to be trusted.

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