Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Panther Shape Shifter who Heals Cats

reflectionsI'd give up my loyal vet in a nanosecond to meet a shape shifting healer like Jolt.  I know, I know that I told Julia not to trust him.  But after she told me about her silky brown striped cat, who was spontaneously healed, I began to soften my opinion.  No, I'm not fickle.  I do have a very tender spot for animals.

Jolt walked into Julia's upper west side apartment with long confident strides and kissed her in the delicate area behind her ears before caressing her mouth with his sensual lips.  He held her 6 year old cat with great tenderness and gently sniffed his breath.  Julia loved the way that Jolt handled him with precision and tenderness.  She thought that she felt a deep bond between the man and her baby, but decided not to comment.  It made her love Jolt more.

Her cat, Stripes, had not been eating and had lost some weight.  The vet had given her a negative diagnosis after performing an abdominal ultrasound.  But she'd decided not to focus on the negative.  Something told her that Jolt would be able to help her.

"You will not understand what I am about to do, but don't be frightened." Jolt said, before opening the skin on his wrist with his nails.

Stripes licked at the open wound as though it were his mother's milk.

"His face relaxed for the first time in weeks and he went to roll on the wooden floor, the way he did before he got sick.  I knew that Stripes had been healed.  I couldn't have loved Jolt more at that moment or at any other moment after that."


  1. Anonymous5:57 PM PST

    Please send Jolt my way. My cat and I both need him and I am not sure which of us needs him more.

  2. Come to my website to meet your Jolt.