Sunday, February 6, 2011

Jeffrey Dean Morgan look alike found me again after that summer night... but he wasn't human-

The url that Lila had told me about  - the one that connects supernaturals with humans, appeared in my in box after I had visited my mom in the nursing home.  She hadn't been well, was basically comatose, and so was I - with misery.  I clicked distractedly on some messages before a website just took over my screen.  As with Lila's experience, there had been no url. The music wrapped around me like a passionate dance partner and transported me to another dimension.  A serenade of icy fingers trailed along my spine and I caught my breath.  I knew the face that filled my Mac's screen.  I had loved that face, briefly but well. What was he doing here and now, dominating my computer?

He looked like a European Jeffrey Dean Morgan.  I think that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is ...well hot doesn't cover it, but let's say that I want to rub my face all over his and to dive into the ocean of his eyes.

I met him in the Hamptons the previous summer.  I had just been divorced and wasn't content but had acclimated to singledom and I wasn't interested in meeting anyone.  Though I did give a nod to my single status and had worn my form fitting dark blue jeans that had black lace sequined panels that rode from my ankles to mid-thigh.

" I love your pants."  I heard a deep lilting voice call.

I assumed that he was speaking to my petite blonde friend.  But her jeans were well, just jeans.  I didn't give much thought to the compliment that flew through the soft summer air but unlocked my Toyota and continued towards the parking lot.  Only after he called after me again, more softly this time, did I acknowledge him.

"Thank you," I tossed behind me and turned briefly to look at him before I stepped into my car and drove off.  My friend had convinced me to hear music at a local hot spot.  Once inside I calmed down and began to feel the music in my body.  I was swaying, swiveling, and sipping when I felt a man standing close by.  I thought that it had been pants guy but I figured if he didn't have the chutzpah to approach me, I wasn't interested.  My friend whispered that it was indeed pants guy which I acknowledged before moving more deeply onto the crowded dance floor.

About an hour later, I was leaning against him listening to his sexy voice rumbling in my ear.  I pretended to hear everything that he said, but basically I could only focus on the length of his body and his sexy accent.  I looked up at him briefly when his lips met mine and I think that I left my body momentarily.

A few hours later we lay beneath the misty milky way listening to the waves multiplying.  We hadn't stopped kissing each other.  HIs too sexy dark stubble had already eroded the skin on my chin but I was happy about that.  I wanted him to brand me.

I felt centered and powerful in a way that I'd never experienced.  It seemed as though our mouths moved as one and I thought somewhat insanely that I loved him.  And I felt that way again when I looked into his penetrating hazel eyes that filled my moniter. After spending the weekend together we hadn't exchanged information.  It was just inevitable that we would come together again, though I wasn't sure how.  Now Cairn had found me, as I knew he would.  And I was ready for him this time.  More than ready....

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  1. Anonymous1:55 AM PST

    I wish that would happen to me! I want to read more about this story line.