Sunday, February 20, 2011

Supernatural Love Bait and Uncontrollable Guilt

I was worried about Sofie.  Doubting a supernatural's virility was like issuing an imperative invitation.  They can't resist that.  I was thrilled about Sofie's fab review.  But I felt that I had put her in danger.  I shouldn't have tried to steer her towards developing a more flexible attitude. Now Sofie was basically supernatural love bait.

I took a sip of frothy cappuccino from my classic white coffee cup that was part of a set I'd bought in Amsterdam.  I didn't taste as frothy as it looked, probably because I was channeling some serious guilt and worry.  Sure Sofie could get a good one like Cairn, but what if someone like StormRider reached out to her?  That reminded me that Morgana had not returned my last three calls or texts.  Her situation was getting more tenuous by the moment.  What had I started?  Then I realized that I wasn't in control. I was just the gatekeeper for some very interesting information. Just because I'd burned out on relationships with mortal men didn't mean that I had started a trend.  Right?  Then what I feared happened, naturally.

"Hi Sofie.  Listen I loved the review.  Really excited.  Yes.  Well, thanks."  I couldn't get a word in.  At least not the right ones.
"What?  No, Sofie, you're just having fun with me. But you don't believe in any of it, it's just good publicity right?  A date?  When?  Where are you, I'm coming over, I have to see his picture and see if I can pick up anything from his profile."

"Look you probably hired an actor.  I don't know how you did the mystery website thing and you don't have my personal email address, but I'm game for a good joke.  Blind date with a supernatural.  Only you would have thought of that."

"Sofie, I have a sense of humor and love practical jokes, but I promise you this wasn't my doing."

"Okay stay in character. It's good for the book launch.  But don't worry about coming over, I have a meeting soon."

"Sofie, please.  I'll only stay long enough to look at the profile."

"You are good, aren't you?  You really sound concerned.  Okay, come up to my office, but we have to keep this quiet."

"Done."  I clicked off and sped through my apartment to find some jeans and a sweater.  I needed all of my intuition and SPNdar to assess the situation.  My phone jingled a hip hop tune which I almost ignored because I thought it was Sofie and that she had changed her mind. I glanced at the cell just to be sure.  It was Morgana.  This was turning out to be one hell of a morning.

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