Saturday, February 26, 2011

Escape at the Violet Hour - A Supernatural's Deadly Revenge

StormRider's visage filled my computer screen.  I'm guessing that he looked different when he first appeared on Morgana's PC.  For one, his fangs looked deadly and he was crushing a woman's neck.  I looked more closely and saw that it was Morgan's face shrouded in the inadequate lighting. Clearly she wasn't expecting his attack,but love. Had he captured that hideous moment and sent it to us as a warning?  Cairn carefully took the computer away from me and held me silently, though I heard his heart slamming against the supple black cashmere sweater that he wore.  I inhaled his sensual scent and tried to regulate my breathing.  He was poised for an attack and I didn't want to escalate his rage.  But I was scared, God knows that I was.  Only Cairn's arms kept me upright.

Cairn researched StormRider's lineage on my Mac.  He concentrated on the hair-raising image until it disappeared.  I was still learning about his powers and they exhilarated me even as they frightened me.

"I knew it.  He's from a lethal and vicious lineage that have been our enemies for years."
"Please define "our" for me." I said.
"I will, cara, I promise, now is not the time.  I am more than human and I have some extraordinary powers."
"I know," I joked, but his eyes were serious, I could tell because they turned a darker green like soft moss that you'd find underneath a stone in Ireland.  He stared at me with such intensity until the nervous laughter languished in my throat.
"Know that I love you and I will never allow anyone or any creature to harm you. By the way, you might want to stop this interviewing of women who've been contacted by supernaturals.
"Stop?  This is my work now.  I'm just about to give up my job as a journalist, so that I can write the stories that I need to investigate and tell.  This found me." I added obstinately.

Cairn's look just silenced me.  It had enough determination and ferocity to convince me that I should fight this battle after we were safe.  But when would that be?  I became alarmed.  We really were in danger.  This wasn't some romantic escapade.  It was real and it was possible that we wouldn't survive.

Morgana shuffled into the room looking as though she'd aged a few centuries.  My heart rammed against my lungs.  I went to her and gave her the most encouraging hug that I could muster.

Then Cairn's dark commanding voice filled the few spaces that weren't dominated by fear.

"It's time, ladies.  We have to go."


  1. Anonymous12:30 PM PST

    You've been interviewing women who have been contacted by supernaturals? How have you missed me? Try and find me.

  2. Can't disclose where I am now. Cairn is coming, StormRider wants to kill us. But I will find you. Great journalist...stay in tou...