Sunday, February 13, 2011

Black Panther Passion or Death

The Sorceress and Black Panther - summoning power
They had just made love.  Julia thought about how they had moved together with such exquisite grace and fire.  Now she lay stroking Jolt's silky hair that splayed like a black mustache across her breast.  She loved the way that the candlelight flickered highlights across her white skin and Jolt's much darker muscular coloring.  A roaring jolt of thunder coupled with an explosion of light startled her lover. He jumped fluidly from the bed and seemed to crouch slightly as he padded quietly into the living room, as though he expected to find someone there.

He felt the changes, subtle at first, in his body.  The thickening and lengthening of his muscles, the feeling of jumping through the air.  And then there was the padding on his hands and feet, as though cushions had appeared.  Jolt fought against it viciously.  He couldn't transform now.  Not before he'd had the chance to tell her.  He should have told Julia sooner.  Now it was too late and he was in danger of gashing the succulent flesh that he had just savored.   His neck began to throb and he dropped to the floor.  It was starting. He had to get away before he attacked her.
donna e pantera
That was his last thought before he blacked out.

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