Saturday, February 19, 2011

Supernatural Nonsense and General Disbelief

"You don't really believe it do you?  These stories that you say people are telling you."
"And why shouldn't I?  I've seen the marks, the bites, their faces...they're as real as you are."
"C'mon.  It's good for a story but real life..."
"What do you know of "real life."  It's only a framework for your limited experiences.  Sorry, but that can't encompass all that's in the universe."
"Well why now?  Why are there more supernatural couplings now?"
"My theory is that humans have made a hash of love and now supernaturals are here to show us how."
"Not likely. I mean, really."
"How many women do you know, I mean fulfilled in love."
"I mostly know single women."
"Single huh?  Any married women."
"I know a few."
"And are they happy?" I asked.
"Generally not, I guess. They're overworked.  They feel under appreciated.  I guess not."
"So why shouldn't we be happy.  If men can't or won't cut it, why not be open up to something else."
"Because it doesn't exist.  Look, I've read Twilight and watch True Blood.  They're stories for public consumption.  That's it."
"And where do stories come from?"
"The imagination."
"Wrong," I said.  "The first stories were our way of documenting our history.  They were passed down through the ages to teach those who would come after us. It was a way to document our time here."
"And this supernatural website that just mysteriously appears, how do I get to it."
"You don't," I answered, "it finds you."
"Look, I'm not asking you to believe, I'm just doing what I'm doing." I was blowing my first interview for my book The Violet Hour.  But what could I do.  I only had the truth to offer and she wasn't buying.
"It's good publicity, but that's all it is."
"Whatever you say." I snorted this time.
"And Jasmine and Luca, they exist, you know them?"
"Intimately," I said.
"Well I have all that I need.  Thank you."
"I'm not asking you to believe," I said softening momentarily,"just be open."
"I've been open my whole life.  I have two divorces, one child and a lot of heartache to show for it."
"It's not too late." I said.
"For what, my supernatural lover."
"I'll stick with men, or without them.  Frankly, I'm done."
"That's how I felt.  Then I met Cairn."
"Yes the famous romance with, what is he?"
"A Vampayre, half man- half angel."
"That's convenient."
"Sometimes it isn't."
"Well then, good luck.  By the way, the book is very good.  I really did enjoy it and I'll review it well. As for being real."
"I'm not asking you to do anything, just stay open."
"Okay then," Sofie said and left to write the article for Vanity Fair.


  1. Anonymous7:14 PM PST

    Would be nice to have a url appear with my ideal supernatural partner. Can't be though, but a nice story.

  2. Anonymous7:16 PM PST

    So if I tell you what I'm looking for, you'd write a virtual supernatural lover for me? Slamming.

  3. Anonymous3:16 PM PST

    Okay, I'm ready for the supernatural url. Just had the most f'd up internet day. Supernaturals have got to be better