Friday, February 11, 2011

Bad Blood Between Lovers

VampireCairn wanted to meet me at my apartment.  I hardly knew how to calm myself as I waited.  I rearranged the bouquet of Black Magic Orchids that he had sent before his flight.  A wind that carried the salty smell of the East River invaded my apartment and taunted the candle flames that flickered on my oval glass coffee table and on various red oak antiques.

My hair was newly trimmed and highlighted.  I hadn't eaten all week so I'd lost three pounds.  I wore the jeans with the black lace panels that I'd worn when we met.  Was it overkill? Would it look like I was trying too hard?  I rethought every detail as I paced and waited.  I'd waited 18 months to see him again, to feel his mouth's caress.

I'd sat through blind dates, boring dates, dates that seemed like eternities though we'd only had one drink.  And all the time, I remembered how I'd felt with him, longing to feel that way again.  Now he was almost here.

My iphone sent up a cellular jangle that startled me.  It was Morgana.

"He called, I'm going to see him."
"Don't. Wait.  Wait until tomorrow.  We need to speak."
"I can't.  I can't help myself.  I'm sorry." She was crying.
"You have the strength to resist him.  It's in you." I blurted but I didn't really believe it.  I knew what StormRider was and what woman could resist a Vampire who was filled with passion for her taste - her blood?
"Are you really vying to be his blood slave?  Is that what you want for yourself?"
"I want him, that's my only reality." Her voice was darker, husky.
"Puhleeze, it's just sex, admit it and get over it." I tried lamely to infuse some humor.
"It's more than I can control.  Forgive me.  You know what to do if something goes wrong."
"Wait," I pleaded, "this is suicide."

Morgana dropped the phone.  I heard a door open, a scuffle, a moan, and then a scream so haunting that I am sure it will follow me to my death.

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