Thursday, March 3, 2011

Vampayre Love Trick - As told by Morgana

Okay this is a bit crazy but Cairn turned me into a cat. Oh, I'm gratified that I am a beautiful, silky-haired, green-eyed bombshell.  Still, I'm a cat.  He said that I didn't have the self-control to resist the two deadly t's - tweeting and texting.  I admit that he lavishes love on me and now considers my chin an erogenous zone, which I must sayit is.  I sleep sprawled across his sexy chest and I do lavish kisses on him with my dainty cat tongue, but I want my human form.  I've conscripted a terrified Morgana to write this so that you don't worry unnecessarily.  Naturally there's no cause for alarm since I am fine.  It's just that I am a buxom, voluptuous, roundly rounded Persian cat!

To catch you up, Cairn and StormRider come from deadly rival lines.  StormRider came into my life through Morgana who contacted me to tell me about her relationship with a supernatural.  StormRider knew about my connection with Cairn and used me to avenge himself.  Not too complicated.  Only that StormRider is a particularly vicious and carnivorous Vampire whose line had originally been destroyed through a woman's deception.  So they are more or less totally misogynistic.  Hence his fierce attack on Morgana and his vow to kill me and Cairn and probably, Morgana.

I won't dwell on this as she just blanched and looked a little faint.  I am able to communicate bodily and telepathically.  Frankly, I'm terrified.  Cairn should just turn Morgana into a brutal dog or something so that we can get back to our lives.  Ooo, almost just took a little cat nap, pardon the obvious pun.

I can't reveal our location but we managed to get to a broken down pub that would allow a cat to enter.  Their computer is positively ancient but it's getting the job done.  And Morgana managed to bribe the proprietor to scramble our location - something technical - but he took the cash.

Seriously send us positive energy and light this is very precarious situation in which to find one.....

Cairn is looking for me, I can feel it.  Have to run, as much as I can.

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