Saturday, March 19, 2011

Divine Male and Divine Female Energies - Love's Essential Nature

I lay listening to Cairn's rugged breathing, not quite a snore, but not the gentle puffs of babies' either.  I'd had a dream that haunted me. I dreamt of the divine feminine and the divine masculine energies.  I considered how we have so many expectations of love and usually destroy a connection before it's had a chance to bond.  Like alchemists, we tamper with chemistry, language and nuance until we're cast into the dark asylum of loneliness once more.  Or, we imbue the beloved with powers that they can't possibly possess, with the exception of supernaturals, naturally.

We like to assume that our lover gives us strength and courage.  But he/she only awakens and enlivens the dormant giant that lies within, starved and most likely horribly bored.  This is what came to me in my vision.

I felt the presence of a woman, swathed in white with a glittering crystal head dress that sparked lights across the vast, diaphanous milky way.  Her eyes were large orbits where compassion and love resided side by side.  The DF loved with sweet intensity and ferocity.  She had the ability to gentle wildly uncontrollable impulses and the strength to love the intolerable. Her wisdom spread across the universe and she was centered in peaceful nurturing power.  She possessed the capacity to receive with humility, love and strength.  Her hand lay gently on the mane of a white tiger, who waved his tale in peace and adoration.  His chalcedony colored pale blue eyes spoke of intense devotion.

The Divine Masculine inhabited his space with equal valor and strength.  A voluminous white cloak lay casually across his expansive muscles and he was alert but also at peace.  His dark eyes scanned the horizon assuring that all was well.  He loved the feminine with grace and power.  He honored her with his devotion and looked to her for wisdom and intuition.  His instinct was formed in the forest of another god.  He nurtured with strength and watched with vigilance.  His gaze both far and near was ever watchful of that which he vowed to protect with his life, the divine feminine.

That is how I allowed myself to feel with Cairn.  I felt that I possessed a supernatural wisdom and deeply powerful insight that embraced my lover's power and weakness and held them both within balance so that they each drew wisdom from the other.  For the darkness can not exist without the light, nor can the light illumine our way without the night's sightless terror.

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