Sunday, March 6, 2011

Vampayre Lore and Mysticism in County Kerry

Donegal, Ireland on
Cairn returned to me bloodied but unbowed, metaphorically speaking.  I was a biped again and ran into his arms with a speed that rivaled any feline.  Morgana was relieved to know that StormRider had been badly injured but Cairn had to return to his home in County Kerry on the Iveragh Peninsula to perform some ancient Celtic magic that would destroy StormR.  That is before StormRider could reenact a ritual that dated to Stonehenge. Theirs was an old feud rooted in religion and politics.  It was during that time that they became immortal enemies and ceased to be men.  Cairn asked if I wanted to return to New York with Morgana or travel with him to County Kerry, though he admonished that it would be a trip devoted to destroying Storm.

"Though others will take his place," he warned. "But they won't be as focused on my destruction.  Our destinies were entwined and sealed when we killed each other at dusk in a raging battle on one of Ireland's most alluring shores when the sky was bruised purple and gold, as if atoning for our sins."

God did I love the way that he spoke.  There was such poetry and magic in his voice and being.

I only wanted to dance to the music of his voice and sleep on the waves of his gentle breath.  I didn't know enough about Vampayres to fear him, but I was about to learn, more than I wanted.

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