Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ancient Celtic Love and Vampayre Travels to Inner Regions

I fell asleep with Cairn's muscular length curled around my satisfied body.  I'd never felt such completion or peace.  I remembered thinking that I was more in my body than I'd ever been and yet I felt as though I floated above it, watching and savoring the moment.  Then I began to travel internally to regions filled with intensely colored jewels. The air was thinner, lighter, and more potent.  I felt as though I were breathing pure oxygen and as though I danced on what felt like weightless intensity.  Cairn spoke softly in my ear, the words must have been Celtic, but I'd the feeling that he was saying that he loved me.

"Is tu mo ghra," is what he actually breathed in Celtic - meaning "I love you."

When I became aware of my body again, I realized that we were kissing.  But Cairn's kiss opened inner vistas that mystics speak of and spend their lives pursuing.

My head filled with haunting music.  It was a more sophisticated version of an Austrian lullaby that my mother sang to me as a child. I've always loved that song and when I was stressed or unhappy I would hum the luscious melody and feel my mother's comforting presence and knew that all would be well.  How could Cairn have known that? I felt as though I were connected with everything in the universe and alternatively that the universe was contained within me.

When I did return to my body Cairn was staring intently into my eyes.

"Storm is gathering his strength.  We must act quickly."

I just held him to me and said a prayer.  I was going to reach out to a detective friend and ask him to watch Morgana.  It was then that she called me.  She was not doing well.

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