Saturday, January 15, 2011

It's in his kiss

Have you ever been with a man who just really can't manage, can't wrap his mouth around,  can't really kiss?  He's trying, you know that because his eyes are closed and he groans from concentration, or embarrassment, you're not sure which.  But you're pretty sure that if he had the grace to be embarrassed, he'd have known not to kiss you in the first place.

You know that he has lips because you've heard words fall from them and you've seen food disappear beyond their somewhat pink exterior.  But instead of kissing you, they kind of keep their mouths open in a perpetual fish pose.  Their lips don't move with yours and you kind of get this wet feeling all around your mouth but nothing is happening inside.

But there's good news.  Vampayres know how to kiss.  They know how to embrace your lips with theirs.  Their mouths move with yours, sometimes control yours.  They use their tongues in ways that make you think about how they can move inside other parts of your body.  They literally...take your breath away.  You can't get enough of them though you try. You don't even mind the breathless feeling that overtakes you or the moment when you wonder if you can even breathe again.  They take your breath but give you ecstasy.

When were you last kissed like that?

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