Saturday, January 15, 2011

"Supernatural Loyalty"

Handsome young man posing outdoorsI'm lying comfortably in my new plush mattress top bed, propped against succulent tempurpedic pillows.  A deep lavender candle flickers in the window that overlooks the East River and the GW bridge.  I am alone.  There are a few hours left before the breaking of another violet dawn.

I wonder again about why our society has turned to super heros and supernaturals with such ardor.  Okay I'm  alone so maybe I'm compensating.  I'm willing to admit it.  Are you willing to imagine that there is something else?  Perhaps someone else?  Is there a reality beyond the wall street set chugging down beers or Grey Goose after another frenzied day of trading?  Maybe something exists that is more fulfilling than the mind numbing escapades of the housewives of Orange County, New York or why not Elmhurst for that matter.   Is it possible that the best that we can dish up in terms of romance is the Bachelor - a show where 25 women scheme, cry, manipulate and generally display their "crazy" for their shot at a single man?

Authors have been writing about supernaturals who have the capacity for extraordinary loyalty.  Think of Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga.   And Stefan in the Vampire Diaries who endangered his life to meet Elena.  When was the last time that you met or heard of a mortal man who exhibited that level of commitment and intensity for a woman?

I can't even recall the number of conversations that I've had with single women friends who have wondered if their new lovers had other partners. Didn't you have the conversation I'd ask?  You know, the one where you discuss what you both want so that you won't feel devalued or insecure before you engage intimately.  They'd stare at me blankly and say no, that it was too soon.  So we can share ourselves physically in the most intimate ways but we can't ask if he'll be cavorting with someone else tomorrow if not later that evening.

GIve me a sexy supernatural who will risk his immortal life to protect our love and who knows how to kiss a woman and satisfy her, thanks to the hundreds of years that he's had to build his confidence and to know what he wants - you.

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