Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Are you ready to meet your supernatural?

We walk past the telltale signs of their existence.  Focused on our i phones, ipads, i pods -- a consumptive society ruled by "I".  Pills guide us to sleep and Starbucks awakens us.  But they, supernaturals, walk amongst us, and laugh at our folly.  We call them mother, father, friend.  But do we know them? Can we hear them?

We watch TV series about them and pay $13 for a movie ticket to spend two hours in their world.  But these trifles are only our imaginings.  Our society finds them dangerous, sexy. We've forfeited our belief in human love and have turned to what our pop culture has dubbed supernatural.  We think that our voyeurism give us privileges.  Perhaps we pride ourselves on our ability to accept the unacceptable.

Are you really ready to meet your supernatural and to give yourself over to his/her embrace?  Suppose that you imagine that it is a love or passion that will fulfill you. Maybe you've given up on the concept of a soul mate, but have you considered that we have supernatural twins?  I imagine that they are the shadow side, the darker manifestations of our yearnings.  And like our desires that we mask, they walk in beauty and enjoy an undisputed reign.  But can you control it?  Can you handle the truth?

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