Friday, January 21, 2011

Will you find your magic at the Violet Hour?

teresa scroll444

I started practicing Reiki two years ago as a path to self-healing, self-acceptance.  I believe that it is God energy that is channeled through our human forms.  At times it has stopped my colds, extended the lives of my persian cats, whom the vet had told me to  "put down", significantly.

I call these and other manifestations of the extraordinary light in world - God.  You may have another name.  But it's all the same concept. the same in-dwelling magic that appears and has the ability to heal - sometimes briefly - sometime permanently.

I've felt the telltale signs of Reiki's incredible heat flood through my hands as I concentrated on opening my mind and heart to unconditional love and directed this towards myself or the person that I was treating.

The energy generally directs the healer and sometimes the more experienced healers may see colors or get a sense of some form of blockage in the client's or loved one's body or emotions.

My octogenerian mom has developed osteoarthritis.  It's been extremely painful and has twisted and swelled her delicate knees.  She loves the Reiki energy and the heat that it generates.  She always asks me to do "Rilke" on her.  Alas, her memory is capricious now and she can't remember the term Reiki, but she remembers that it has soothed her and that she likes it.        

Jasmine Dee, the female protagonist in The Violet Hour, practices Reiki. The healing      energy centers her as she fights for the right to her mortal life, and to save her Vampayre love, Luca from Vampire, Phisto's venomous retribution.  And Jasmine's cat, Santa, has a few tricks as well.  You never know where you will find magic.  But Reiki is one place where you can start.  Do you believe that there is magic in the world?  Have you considered that you too, are super - natural?

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