Sunday, June 26, 2011

Vampayre's Dilemma

I'd written musical pieces for some of the greatest princes and politicians of our time during the past five hundred years.  Most people struggle through thousands of lifetimes in different forms with different circumstances.  We reincarnate with people from our soul groups, old lovers, parents, friends, enemies.  But we don't remember.  Awakening comes more easily to some, less so to others.  But I am an advanced spirit who has been gifted with the chance to work through my soul lessons in the same form.  Though I did not view my circumstances favorably when I awakened a Vampayre the morning after the Bonfire of Vanities that took place in Florence in the year 1497.  I'd wanted to die with my wife, Fiora, who had been killed during the frenzy.  I have since learned to live without her.  Though I have never forgotten our connection or stopped looking into strangers' eyes, hoping for a spark of recognition.

As the days passed, I lost my taste for food and most drink. I was irritable.  Soon I realized that I couldn't tolerate noise or crowds and I'd begun to wander through the forests at night, seeking solace.  I couldn't accept or forgive my mentor, Piero Cesco, who had turned me into the creature that I was becoming.  I'd felt that he had controlled my life long enough and his last controlling act had severed our relationship for many centuries.  I turned to him again when my love, Jasmine, was embroiled in my feud with the Vampire Phisto.

Learning one's life lessons while inhabiting the same human vessel has its challenges, and benefits.  Now that I have found Jasmine, I don't want to move on.  I wanted to stay and love her as I hadn't been able to during our life in the Renaissance.  And there were challenges.  Phisto wanted Jasmine as well.  And I would do anything, even imperil my soul, to protect her from that fate.

Even advanced souls have lessons and I have learned that they tend to get more difficult as we advance.  The question is can we love the divine more than we love our egos and earthly infatuations?

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