Saturday, July 16, 2011

Winter is Coming

It's finally happened.  The musical community has been buzzing about my blog, and Jasmine, the brilliant new soprano at the American Opera Center, has finally contacted me.  There's a lot of chatter about her career and what she will accomplish, but tonight, she is concerned only with the men who are controlling her.  The men that she loves.  Differently.  Definitively.

Luca composes as though he were transcribing music from the celestial realms.  His compositions are magical, mystical, mysterious.  He is manly. Jasmine is drawn to him like an instrument to music.  She needs his music and his love to fulfill her in the same way that the piano needs the composition.

And there is Phisto, the magnetic and fierce conductor who raises music from scratches on a page to emotions that penetrate and compel the audience.  Jasmine's response to him is visceral.

Phisto is the career.  He is the strategist and impressario who introduces the most talented artists to their future.

Luca is the art form.  He embodies how music can transport us from our worldly drudgeries, and introduce us to our soul.  He composes because that is who he is.  Luca's music interprets our yearnings, gives voice to our imaginations.  It is the substance of our dreams.

They each want to know who Jasmine will choose to be, the artist or the career woman.  They each want to know who she will love.

Jasmine knows that winter is coming.  She knows that her choice will be made at the Violet Hour.

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