Friday, December 10, 2010

The Violet Hour - Prologue

The Violet Hour

Prologue - Jasmine

  The graduate artists at Julliard’s American Opera center are no longer gossiping about my meteoric career rise. They now pool in huddles visible from Julliard’s glass frontage that overhangs Broadway’s frenzy.  A third celebrated but fallen musical icon died mysteriously, during the ghostly fog-heavy summer that curls around New Yorkers.  Our brilliant teachers who had commented all season on the crop of talented voices at the American Opera Center, now murmur nervously about the deaths of the great musicians who were destroyed by alcoholism, depression and later something far darker than their own inner torments.

            I alone know what is happening and why these deaths occur at the violet hour.


  1. Anonymous2:21 PM PST

    Hi Joy, thanks for the teaser, post another section soon I want to read more...

  2. Thank you. It's an intriguing world. Please continue to join me on this journey. i hope that you will discover as much about yourself as I did while I was under the influence of The Violet Hour