Sunday, April 24, 2011

I will Live Again - Through Love - In Spirit - In Joy

Today millions celebrated the death and resurrection of a man.  An extraordinary man.  Some call him God.  Others pray to him.  Still some deny that he ever existed or walked the dusty streets in the turbulent Middle East.

Nonetheless many would agree that he was more than human, more than compassionate, more than we can aspire to in our human forms.  Can we still hold ourselves aloof in the face of such passionate devotion to a man who is said to have risen from his grave to walk the earth and once again embrace those whom he loved?  What if it is possible?  For a moment, imagine the joy and relief that most of us would experience.

What of Elizabeth Kubler Ross's husband, Manny, a non believer in life after death.  After frustrating arguments about her certainty that life continues after our mortal death, and many years after their divorce, Manny died.  But they had agreed that there would be roses on the first snowfall after his death.  His concession was spoken as such:

"Okay, if what your mother says it true, then the first snowfall after I die, there'll be red roses blooming in the snow."

What do you think framed Manny's white snow-laden gravesite?  Red roses.  Neither Elizabeth nor her daughter, nor any of the mourners bought the roses.  They rose like red hope from the wintery blanket.  It was Manny's confirmation.

To those who don't believe no explanation is possible.  To those who do believe, no explanation is necessary.

So it was with Cairn and I.  We'd come from different countries to connect across the world.  He was a Vampayre who had lived five-hundred years, and I a mortal 42 year-old woman.  We connected through the medium of love in which I no longer believed.  But there it was.

I'd had several messages from my mother since her death.  Even though I missed her terribly, I knew that she was with me still.  Several healer friends confirmed the messages that she has been sending to me, by describing the same images and words that I'd received.

We are all pretty confident in what we don't believe is possible.  But have you ever paused, fully present in a moment, and asked yourself, what if?

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