Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Beltaine's Revenge - Fight to the Death

Beltaine's fire rose deeply into the sky and seemed to engulf the stars and all within it's hot grasp.  I hadn't seen Cairn for three days and was not sure if I would see him again.  He would face StormRider this evening and either defeat him or leave Morgana and myself prey to his twisted Vampire's revenge.

It was on this evening centuries ago that Storm rampaged through the Celtic town on the night of the feast, intent upon destroying the pagan ritual and slaughtering all in his path, specifically, but not limited to Cairn.

I shuddered at the hour that they lit the fire.  Cairn had sealed me in our cottage with magical fires that could not be crossed by another supernatural such as Storm.  Even though my safety was assured, I longed to hold Cairn within the fiery circle and keep him safe with me until the killing night had passed.  I cradled a tapestry pillow from the fern green couch and cried to my mother that I missed her and wanted her advice and comfort.  I prayed to God to protect Cairn, a supernatural.  The worn hand woven rug was almost tattered due to my pacing.

I sat to calm myself and practice Reiki.  Cairn needed the loving healing light now.  It was all that I could do.

"Please God protect him.  He is one of yours, half man - half angel.  He is working his way back to you,  please preserve him for my sake and your greater glory."

Then I slipped into a trance and saw visions that assaulted then reassured me.  I saw Storm's enormous body cast a shadow over Beltaine's fire, but then just as quickly, it was blotted out.
He could not approach the light, but I knew that Cairn would come to face him.  I saw Cairn move stealthily from within the shadows and launch himself onto Storm's back.  Cairn tore at his own flesh and held his bleeding arm to Storm's mouth, twisted in a grimace.  I understood that Cairn's blood was poison for Storm and that Cairn struck a fierce initial blow that would tax Storm's enormous strength.

Storm spat the blood into the sand and staggered as he reeled, pivoted and caught Cairn at his knee.  Cairn lost his balance and fell to the ground when Storm rode him like an unruly bull and sought to tear his flesh with his fangs. Blood flowed in patterns, swirling, spilling, the vision ended and I was in agony.

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