Saturday, May 14, 2011

Paranormal Reunions - Lovers Reuniting

I tore through the awakening dawn running towards my lover.  Briefly I acknowledged that it could have been Storm who had survived the killing night.  Perhaps I was about to die.  But I had already chosen.  I would not live without Cairn.  I felt his energy flickering as I drew closer.  Then I saw him approaching, slowly but steadily.  He'd returned to me.  His immortal life had not been ended by the darker demon.

One never knows the depth of their joy until they've feared that they would never see a loved one again, and have been granted a reprieve.  I felt as though I soared as I gathered his bloodied body into my arms.

"Thank God," I choked.

He held my face in his battle roughened hands and my heart filled with intense gratitude as I beheld the green love in his eyes.  So familiar had they become to me that it seemed they were my only home.

"What of Storm?"

"He walks the earth still."

I saw the rage and frustration that played in his eyes.  I wanted to shriek my anguish even as I was grateful that Cairn at least, had survived as well.

"What happened?" I asked gently as I led him towards the cottage.

"I'd managed to overpower him as I surrounded him with images of rebirth, awakening and love. He grew weaker as I intensified my concentration.  I gripped his vicious face and held him as he struggled against the flow of my blood that sprayed into his mouth.  My blood is poisonous for a Vampire."

How had I come to this point where I was having a conversation with a Vampayre - whom I adored - about destroying a powerful and misogynistic Vampire.  It was too unreal.

"There was a shower of darkness that briefly obscured Beltaine's fire.  I thought that the light was lost.  And this smell, like rotted flesh but worse, overwhelmed me.  It stank of putrid and violent desecration of all that I'd held sacred.  I reeled from the stench even as I fought to hold Storm within my grasp. Storm bellowed like the souls of the damned and then he disappeared within the darkest shadows of the beast that had come to claim him.  It was his god, who had saved him.  God help us now."

"I have to tell Morgana that she is not yet safe."

"Don't. Don't alarm her now.  We must consider our options and call her once we have a plan. The detective is still watching over her."

"What good can a mortal man be against such paranormal evil?"

"I will find another way." Cairn said and stroked my face with his bloodied finger.  Though he was stronger and walking with more energy.  His life force was returning, as it always did when he focused on light and love.

He was home. That was all that I cared for at the moment.  Though I should not have so easily been relieved.  There were many battles yet to come and torments that my love could not quickly navigate.

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