Friday, August 26, 2011

Hurricane Irene - A Vampire's Fury

View image detailThe New York air is unnaturally subdued even as the fierce city tracks the progress of an historic storm.  I know why the storm is surging tonight poised to attack the eastern coastline.  Phisto's fury is churning, and with that the hurricane has been spawned.  I felt the man's intensity and strength in his music, as I watched his casual stance, taut with power.  His eyes tracked Jasmine's movements even as he smiled and charmed his fans, he watched her with an intense cobalt concentration.

I was chilled when I saw him focus on Luca's mystical violet eyes.  It was like a midnight storm trying to penetrate a perfect dawn.  These two men, seemingly dissimilar in every way, actually shared many traits.  They were the light and the dark that we admire in a painting, the human voice.  Without one the beauty can not exist. It is the contrast that creates the magnificence.  But it is too much for one woman to withstand.  They each fight for Jasmine's talent and her affection, though for different reasons.

Jasmine and I have not had a chance to speak at depth since the concert in Central Park.  I have many insights and some information that Cairn has shared.  Does she know that Phisto
is not as he seems and that he is more dangerous than she can imagine?  And what of Luca, does she realize that he is a Vampayre?  These are not exactly truths that she can learn at the American Opera Center.  And yet she is about to learn the visceral consequences that will accompany her choices and the freedom that she is claiming with her voice is about to be curtailed in her life, if she is not conscious.

She called in a state of agitation.  Apparently Luca has invited her to spend the pre-storm darkness with him, even as Phisto said that he expected to spend the night with her at her Riverside apartment.  For the moment she has told them that she will be fine and needs to work and study over the weekend.  But the storm is coming because one man can not accept her decision.  We are waiting tonight to see what tomorrow will bring.  In the hushed expectation someone's life is about to be changed.

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